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An extra special souvenir! Special events like festivals need to be remembered. As a simple but elegant admission-control solution or as an attractive memento of past experiences or even to promote a cause, printed wristbands are suitable for many different occasions.

These individually printable wristbands are available in three materials - silicone, cloth and Tyvek® - all kinds of colours, and in quantities ranging from 100 to 40000

Art work: £2

Style: Printed

Format Tyvek®: 200x15mm with adhesive clasp Lanyard Colours: Blue, Yelow, Gold, Green, Pale Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon orange, Neon Pink, Orange, Red, Silver, White.

Format Polyester: 350x15mm, aluminium seal or plastic clasp in back or white, Lanyard Colour: white

Format Silicone: 110x8mm (children up to 6yrs) 140x8mm (children 6 & over) 160x8mm (adolescents) 180x8mm (standard) Colours: Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Yellow, Green, Pale Blue, Light Grey, Light Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Black, White.

Material: see format

Quantities: 100-10,000

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