Wine Boxes

printed wine boxes 1

A bottle of wine or champagne is the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary, for birthday or to celebrate professional success. We offer a significant price variation - depending on your needs

Eye-catching and high-quality boxes are a great gift regardless of the type of wine placed in the middle. Besides high aesthetic value, these cartons for wine are also very practical. Optimally they protect its contents. For the production of cardboard boxes only the highest quality materials are used to ensure durability and reliability.

Art work: £10

Format: 56x56x202, 87x87x322, 76x76x305, 152x76x305mm

Material: 480 g/m² Kraft board painted

Processing: Punching, Creasing, Glueing, Optional lamination

Number of Pages: single (outside print only)

Quantities: 1-50,000

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