Signage (signboards)

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Are you looking for an affordable option to advertise your next event? Then Akylite, a 100% recyclable polypropylene panel, is just what you need.  This 2.5mm thick sign can have optional 4 corner bore holes making it easy to hang with the help of cables, ties etc. Idel for lamppost or railing advertising.

Akylite signboards are tear-proof , suitable both for indoor and outdoor uses as well as being the ideal solution for your short-term promotional purposes.

Turn your previously unused advertising space into an eye-catching advertising space. With a classy sign made from Alu-dibond, offering you an elegant solution for your company signage,  information boards etc.

These stable signboards consist of an aluminium compound plate with a polyethylene core. We assure you the printing will be High quality & durable as the material is weather-resistant, guaranteeing that Alu-dibond will be your best choice in signage for outdoor use.

Perfect for mobile presentation for example at trade fairs, the lightweight foam is incredibly stable. The inner Foam Core is in so-called, "sandwich construction“ coated on two outer sides with high-quality chromo board.

You can utilize the Lightweight foam boards as hanging ceiling banners for promotional purposes due to them being lightweight, the boards are not scratch or impact resistant so therefore are mainly suitable for short to middle indoor use.

Hard foam Signboards are made from a rigid foam combining two key advantages they are light but at the same time they are stable. This makes them an ideal advertising and cost-efficient option. Originally used as a structure for any exhibition stand, the hard foam signboards are now often used as fence or building signs on façades or as a high-quality wall decoration.

The hard foam is not impact or scratch resistant but can be remarkable for its waterproof property. It is best used for short-term outdoor.

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