Hardback/Soft-back Books

printed books 1

Books are one of the most popular print products intended for private use. We use cook books while preparing meals. In our daily life we are also dependent on books whenever we want to check or note something down.

Art work: Dependant on the page amount

Format: 125x190mm, 135x215mm, A5 (148x210mm) 155x225mm, 165x235mm, 210x210mm, A4 (210x297mm)

Material: 80 gram offset, 90 gram offset. 4 page Hard-cover or Soft-cover with lamination. Perfect or sewn binding

Number of Pages: 40 to 996 pages

Quantities: 1 - 5000

printed note books 11

Note Books are perfect for jotting down important notes, to do lists for the purpose of keeping them on a more permanent basis than a note pad.

Art work: Dependant on the page amount

Format: A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm)

Material Cover: Hardcover 4 page

Material Pages: 100gram offset

Number of Pages: 64, 128 or 192

Quantities: 1 - 500

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