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Hoisted printed flags in front of corporate buildings are an outdoor advertising classic. Whether it is a few printed flags in front of a car dealership or a single printed flag in front of a service provider on an industrial estate, or even an indoor flag at a trade show stand, with a maximum area of 7.5 square metres and a maximum side length of 5 metres, you can draw attention to yourself in an impressive way. At the same time, printed flags wave in the wind this is a striking way of catching the attention of passers by.
These printed flags are also B1 certified so are ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor.

Art work: £5 Text only £10 Image & Text

Format: 80cmx80cm up to 150cmx500, portrait or landscape

Quantities: 1-25

Material: 110 g/m² Bunting

Finish: Fully reinforced including snap hooks on the side




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