Plastic Business Cards

printed plastic business cards 1

Plastic cards

Particularly suitable for gift vouchers, customer cards, member Ids and VIP cards.

Also available: Chip Cards FM4442/FM24c02, Swipe Cards, RFID Cards, Signature panel Cards. Email For more information

Art work: £4 double sided only

Format: 85.6 x 54 mm

Quantities: 100 - 50,000

Material: Varnished Plastic

Orientation: Landscape Only

Colours: 4/0 CMYK.

Bleed Area: 2mm Must be added to all sides of overall design, resulting in an extra 4mm in width and 4mm in height from original size.

Print Data: Not less than 300dpi PDF or JPEG in the CMYK colour mode. Please do not use any spot colours or special colours. (we shall not be liable for printing errors due to incorrect format).

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