Lightweight foam

Perfect for mobile presentation for example at trade fairs, the lightweight foam is incredibly stable. The inner Foam Core is in so-called, "sandwich construction“ coated on two outer sides with high-quality chromo board.

You can utilize the Lightweight foam boards as hanging ceiling banners for promotional purposes due to them being lightweight, the boards are not scratch or impact resistant so therefore are mainly suitable for short to middle indoor use.


  • Sandwich plate
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Indoor
  • Information signs, wall images

Design: £5.00 Text only £10 image and text

Format: Light Foam  635 g/m² (5 mm)

Quantities: 1, 2 other amounts on request.

Orientation: Portrait, Landscape.

Colours: 4/0 CMYK.

Bleed Area: 3mm Must be added to all sides, resulting in an extra 6mm in width and 6mm in height from original size. All important text and imagery should be kept at least 80mm from the bleed edge, all background imagery and colour to be dragged to the bleed edge.

Print Data: Large Format Printing 70-150 DPI, small format printing 300 DPI (we shall not be liable for printing errors due to incorrect format).

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