Large Format Banners

extra large printed banners

A must have to give your business a boost. Ideal for advertising striking messages at central locations in many cities. Give your brand space, and impress with presence, emotion and power. Use blow-ups/XXL banners to reach your precise mobile target audience and encourage impulse purchases. With blow-ups/XXL banners, you too can be a major player in the metropolises of the world.

When it comes to blow-ups/XXL banners, you can choose from robust, weatherproof and UV-resistant PVC material or a lightweight, air-permeable but still tear-proof mesh. All our blow-ups/XXL banners are B1-certified.

Art work: £20 text only £40 image & text

Format: 4000x10000 up to 20000x20000mm

Material: 300gram mesh or 500 gram PVC

Processing: Cutting, reinforced edge, 12-mm eyelets every 50 cm all around

Number of Pages: 1

Quantities: 1-15

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