Folding Boxes

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Foldable boxes are popular packagings, and this is because it can quickly be transformed from an ordinary flat cardboard box with high quality. The boxes are very durable and thus ideal for shipment or transport of goods.

Do you need to pack your corporate gifts for your clients or do you want to sell your products in beautiful packaging? Then these boxes are perfect for you! We provide a safe packaging material that also looks good, regardless what you want to use it for- cosmetics, electronics, jewellery or art. You can customize your package individually and strengthen your corporate design thanks to the variety of special colours adjusted to your needs.

Art work: £10

Style: Square, Rectangular, Column shape, Cubic shape

Format Square: 40x20x160, 60x30x60, 80x40x80,100x50x100,120x60x120, 140x70x140, 160x80x160, 180x90x180, 200x50x200,200x100x200mm

Format Rectangular: 40x20x80, 60x30x120, 60x30x180, 80x40x160, 80x40x240, 100x50x200, 120x60x240, 140x70x280, 160x80x320, 180x90x320mm

Format Column: 40x40x80, 40x40x120, 60x60x120, 60x60x240, 100x100x200, 120x120x240, 140x140x240, 160x160x200mm

Format Cube: 60, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180mm square

Material: 300gram chromo board

Processing: Punching, Creasing, Glueing, Optional lamination

Number of Pages: single (outside print only)

Quantities: 1-50,000

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