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Low Cost Folded Flyers - Menus

Low cost folded menus I do come on quality paper in the following grades 90gsm budget, 115gsm, 135gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm & 350 gsm, the 250 and 350 gsm need to be creased before they are  folded, this is so the spine does not split on folding. The most common size for these is A4 either 3 fold (100x210 mm) or 2 fold (148x210 mm.

Any flyer can be folded just ask for prices.

Artwork: 4 up to 6 pages £4.00 per page, 6 up to 16 page £2.50 per page

Format: 4, 6 & 8 pages

Quantities: 250 to 500,000.

Paper: 90gsm budget, 115gsm, 135 gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm & 350gsm

Orientation: Portrait/Landscape

Colours: 4/0 CMYK.

Bleed Area: 2mm Must be added to all sides of overall design, resulting in an extra 4mm in width and 4mm in height from original size. All important text and imagery should be kept at least 6mm from the edge.

Print Data: Not less than 300dpi PDF or JPEG in the CMYK colour mode. Please do not use any spot colours or special colours. (we shall not be liable for printing errors due to incorrect format).

Flyer sizes are available in 4 , 6 and 8 page folded format for example:

A6 single sided is 1 page, double sided is 2 page then:

4 pages is A6 doubled in size then folded once.

6 pages is A6 tripled in size then folded twice.

The following sizes are available in 4, 6, and 8 page:

(Please note sizes listed are the size once folded)

    • 100 x 210 mm
    • 105 x 105 mm
    • 105 x 148 mm (A6)
    • 105 x 210 mm (DL)
    • 105 X 297 mm
    • 120 x 120 mm
    • 148 x 210 mm (A5)
    • 210 x 297 mm (A4)


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