Loyalty Discount & Daily Deals information

I now currently run two types of discount, one in the form of loyalty & multi-purchase discount. The other in the form of Daily Deals.

Loyalty & Multi Purchase Discount Scheme
Hi I have decided to set up a loyalty scheme to reward my regular customers, and give them discount based
on there purchasing frequency.
I have set out my plan below this will run initially for 6 months from February the 1st. I will then look at how
it is working and make any adjustments that may be needed then it will become permanent.

Multi purchase discount
Will be based on 3 different products bought at the same time and will consist of 3% discount off the total
print price not including shipping or artwork. This is a separate offer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Loyalty Discount - Will be based on frequency of orders & will not apply to advertising equipment.
5% discount to monthly customers
3% to quarterly customers
2% to All customers after 3 purchases
Terms & Conditions
1. Multi purchase discount and loyalty discount cannot be used together or in conjunction with any other offer.
2. All loyalty discounts will be based on the dates of your last 3 orders, some customers will be placed on a
permanent discount based on their purchase frequency. This will be at my discretion as this will not be
determined by last order dates, it will be based on their overall purchasing long term.
3. As delivery is included in the price of your printing discount is calculated from the print only cost.
4. This scheme will run for 6 months from the 1st February until the 1st July, so I have the chance to update it if
necessary, after which it will become permanent.
5. Only those who pay their invoice within the allotted 7 days from invoice date will be eligible for any discounts,
those who fail to pay their invoice within that 7 day period will lose any loyalty discount they have and will
start again as if a new customer.
Thanks Adam

Invoice 7 Day Life Cycle

It is important that you know that the amount of the invoice could go up or down in cost if you are re invoiced as a result of failure to pay within 7 days as I now work from live pricing. Failure to pay your invoice in the allotted 7 days will also remove you from any loyalty scheme or discounts on your order. This is why it is important to pay your invoice within its 7 day life span.

Failure to pay at all will mean that any future printing you require will need to be paid for upfront before any work is done; you will also be billed for any outstanding artwork done from the unpaid invoice.

7 Day Deals (#7daydeal)

Each week I will put up a deal that will be valid for that week only and will end at close of business stated on the advert, these will consists of a deal that can save you quiet a lot of money.

The deal will be a reduced price from the live price on that item on the day it is put up, artwork will be full price unless otherwise stated and will need to be finalised by the start of business on the next working day 10am after the offer finishes, otherwise your invoice will be cancelled and you will loose out on that particular deal.

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