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artwork and specifications

Art work specifications

Quality:Bleed: Different print products require a different sized bleed, this I can advise you on just contact me to find out the correct specifications for your artwork needs. for standard flyers , a bleed of 2 mm needs to be added to all sides of the original required size, resulting in 4 mm extra in width and 4 mm extra in height.

Quality:Example A5 is 148 mm x 210 mm so the finished size of your proof should be 152 mm x 214 mm. Some items require a different bleed size. please feel free to email me for specifications. The bleed is the part of your printing that is cut off after print, this is what gives you edge to edge printing. All important text and imagery ideally needs to be kept at least 8 mm from edge this includes the 2 mm bleed.

Quality:Adding a bleed in the conventional way can be complex, so my simple solution is to add 4mm to the width and 4mm to the height of your artwork, taking into account that the 2mm on all sides will be cut off once printed.

Colour Mode: When you export your design into pdf or jpg it needs to be exported in the CMYK colour palette, it is always better to create your design using the CMYK colour palette to begin with, if it is exported in rgb it will cause differences in colours when printed as printing is done in CMYK.

Quality: The quality of your finished product will be reflected by the quality of the images used in your artwork.

Images: need to be of a good quality at least 300dpi.

Logos: sent also need to be in CMYK colour mode as the conversion from RGB to CMYK will cause variations of colour once converted. For best results logos should be sent as PDF. PNG Logos are fine for on-line use for printing these are not a good plan.

Lines & Borders: It is always best to avoided adding a line or border around the outside of your paper & card printing as the printing & cutting process is automated this could possibly result in a 1 mm discrepancy when your print is cut.

File Types: I accept PDF – JPG

PDF & Fonts: Fonts need to be embedded or converted into curves depending on the font usage and size of the font, the reason for this is simple. Say for example your art work is created with font A and it is not embedded into the pdf, it then goes to the printers who may not have font A so it will either be substituted for another font or not printed at all.
Embedding your fonts or converting them into curves where applicable takes away this risk.

 Please if you are unsure of anything just ask.

Artwork resources


Just a few free resources I have found that may help in your production of your artwork. (these are not affiliated with Morecambe Flyers they are just handy links to have

PDF to JPG converter This will convert your PDF into images in either 150dpi or 300 dpi images.

PDF Resize Easily resize your PDF using inches cm or mm.

PDF Merge This gives you the ability to add single PDF's into one file.

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