Display A Boards

printed a bboards 1

A-Boards effectively draw customers attention to the offered product or service. They are very easy to use and can be spread in many places such as promenades, markets or shops.

A practical fold-able frame, you can quickly move the A-board and post your message on it. The product is very versatile it is also resistant to weather conditions. The set consists of:two prints the same, a stand in the shape of the letter A with aluminium fold-able frame and anti-reflective foil to protect the print.

The water tank base board is particular suited for outdoor use, because of its weight (once the base is filled) and its resistance to the elements, it also has its main body attached to the water tank using two large springs so it has a bit of give in the wind, combine that with the wight of the water tank it is extremely hard for your sing to be blown over in the wind.

Art work: £5 Text only £10 Image & Text

Format  A Board: A1 (594x841mm) A0 (841x1189mm) B2 (500x700mm) B1 700x1000mm)

Format A board with water tank: A1 (594x841mm) A0 (841x1189mm)

Quantities: 1-25

Material A BoardAluminium

Material A Board with water tank: Aluminium  frame with plastic water base.

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