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Low cost brochures, magazines  are a very cost effective way of promoting your products or a lot of information in a small and compact way. They come in an array of binding options, Staple bound, spiral bound, perfect bound.

As well as varying sizes  there are allot of options like having a different paper grade for the 4 page cover than the content, You can also have a colour cover and black & white inside pages.

Not only do you have the above options but there is also the paper grade as that two can be different between the cover and the content.


Design: 4 - 6 pages -£4 per page, 6 - 16 pages £2.50 per page

Format: 100x210, A6 105x148, DL 105x210, 105x297, 120x120 (CD booklet), 120x180 (DVD booklet), 148x148, A5 148x210, 210x210, A4 210x297mm

Pages: 8, 12, 16, 20, and up in multiples of 4 up to and including 96 page

Quantities: 50 to 50,000.

Paper Cover: 135, 170, 250gsm coated

Paper Contents: 90, 115, 135 gsm coated - 08, 90, 100, 120 gsm offset

Orientation: Portrait/Landscape

Colours: 4/0 CMYK.

Bleed Area: 2mm Must be added to all sides of overall design, resulting in an extra 4mm in width and 4mm in height from original size. All important text and imagery should be kept at least 6mm from the edge.

Print Data: Not less than 300dpi PDF or JPEG in the CMYK colour mode. Please do not use any spot colours or special colours. (we shall not be liable for printing errors due to incorrect format). PDF must be set out as pages are numbered, eg : 1,2,3, 1 being the front cover 2 being the inside of the cover etc..

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