Beach Flags

printed beach flags 1

Printed Beach Flags from Morecambe Flyers Trade Print give you a versatile and very effective from of advertising. And it doesn’t matter if you use your promotional beach flag outdoors or indoors, because this printed advertising medium always stands out.

Especially effective in strong winds outside, your printed beach flags will still convey your promotional message to your audience, The design of the printed flag fabric reduces wind load, and the weather-resistant polyester means that colours don’t fade quickly, even after prolonged sun exposure. Your printed beach flag can be in one of three formats Pole, Drop or Wing. Once you have your flag system you can then upgrade the flag print at a much lower price, purchasing the printed flag only. So you can change your flag depending on your current promotion.

printed beach flag types

Art work: £5 Text only £10 Image & Text


Pole - 761x1821mm, 761x2649mm, 761x4019mm.

Drop - 610x1550mm, 799x2050mm, 1130x3059mm, 1182x4167mm.

Wing - 433x1953mm, 573x2547mm, 739x3661mm, 741x5025mm.

Quantities: 1-25

Material: 110 g/m² Bunting

Base: Base Plate or Base Cross

Print Only: Once you have the full set up you can have your flag only changed or purchase more than one flag so you can change them for different events.



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